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Active Energy

For a natural, harmonious energy flow

The Secret of the Centenarians

The »Long Time Bama Decoction« serves wonders when used in a 30 minute foot soak every day before bed..
In Bama Yao People's Autonomous County in Guangxi, the
“World Longevity Village”, the village with the highest rate of 100 year olds in the world, there is the proverb
"If one wants to live forever, one must do footbaths with Yao medicines every day",
"If you don't want to get sick, you have to do yangsheng with footbaths every day",
"walk a hundred steps after drinking, have a footbath before going to bed"

This natural therapy with foot baths causes the locals to hardly take part in
• diseases of the feet
• insomnia,
• rheumatism
• high blood pressure
• diabetes
• heart diseases
• constipation
• prostatitis
• apoplexy
• suffering from other chronic diseases

until today
• no case of cancer detected, and
• all Yao girls have beautiful skin
• the average life expectancy of locals is up to 98 years
• the eldest turned 129 years old.

Qinax Products

Using the natural energy of Chinese herbal remedies as well as of other plant-based and animal-based substances – extracted using methods that have been tried and tested over thousands of years.

As a doctor, you can receive Qinax Products up to 23 % cheaper. We also recommend, when placing an order online, that you give your turnover tax identification number, which doctors can request from their Tax Office. By doing so, you become exempt from Dutch VAT of 9% of the purchase price. Thus, total savings can amount to more than 30 %.*

* This is a general recommendation. Our tip: before entering your turnover tax identification number, consult your tax adviser. Qinax cannot accept liability for all the possible individual circumstances. 
What doctors say:
"Unlike the medicines we have in the Western world, Chinese medicinal remedies do not become obsolete after a few years; on the contrary, they retain their validity for thousands of years."
Dr. Lars Staab
Specialist for Internal Medicine